“The cause is truly sufficient for its effect. If the cause is there permanently, then the effect ought to be there permanently. How in the world do you have a permanent cause, but in fact, it only began to exist a finite time ago?”

Photo by Keefe Tay from Pexels

By Jack Comer, Christian Response Forum

I have struggled to understand God and Christ given my upbringing, but recently I have been looking at the world that we live in…

It’s barbaric how much we all take for granted, like the air we breathe, and the clean water that comes out of the sky, which the vast majority of the world, especially the children, live without, unable to quench their thirst.

The cause for everything that we do, the cause for us all to inhabit the earth, is our ultimate cause. As William Lane Craig shares in this video, it’s logical to conclude when we understand the law of cause and effect, that there is a permanent cause to everything. Just because we were born only a few short years ago and are physically finite, doesn’t mean that what caused us all to become is finite as well. But how can we justify the belief that this cause is personal? Dr Craig answers that very simply when we understand choice more.

Choice, in its nature, is personal. Every human being is gifted with choice, but what we do with that choice determines our happiness and success in life. God does not make our choices for us, we are responsible for our own lives.

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