The Christian Response Forum & Network

This is our Invitation to you, our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ to discover the new Lighthouse International Group initiative;

The Christian Response Forum & the opportunities for mutual Christian growth and benevolence founded by our Christian compliment of partners.

What Is The Christian Response Forum & Network?

A community of committed and responsible Christians who heed the commandments of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in relation to all matters of Christian service and benevolence.  

To help our Christian brothers and sisters practise and apply the fruitages of God’s Holy Spirit in proactive service to the fragile and the vulnerable in order to reduce if not release them from their suffering, caused by the tyranny of this increasingly cruel world. .

To whom much has been given, much will be required; and to whom much has been entrusted, of him they will ask all the more. – Luke 12:48

The 3 Core Pillars of The Christian Response Forum

Reality Testing | Resourcing | Responding


“Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” – Matthew 6:33

1 - Researching & Reality Testing: Answering Humanity's Most Pressing Questions

We are conducting a global reality-testing study to understand why there are 2.6 billion Christians commanded to look after the vulnerable, yet millions of children suffer daily and what the potential solutions are.


2 - Resourcing: Enabling Christians To Build Human, Material & Financial Resources

Many Christians lack resources and security in their own lives and feel powerless to help others. The Christian Response Forum develops Christian Benefactors with enough resources to always say “yes” inside their own homes and to those most in need. 

3 - Responding: Christian Benefactors In Community Who Can Respond To Suffering

Bringing together Christians who are tired of the infighting & hubris in Christianity. People who are willing to face their own hubris, develop humility and respond to suffering until the ultimate solution of God’s Kingdom comes. 

Who Are We?

A community of ordinary people now expanding globally who want to build the human, financial and material resources in our lives to serve Christ and alleviate the suffering of children as Christian Benefactors.

We all came from different backgrounds...

Sikhs, Muslims, Atheists, Agnostics, Catholics on a search for absolute truth which, through much suffering and letting go of our pride, led us to God and Christ.

From self-help & new age to Christianity

We started our search for absolute truth with self-help and new age spirituality. Our difficult journey meant we sacrificed a lot, often under great persecution, but this ultimately led us to Christ.

Our Ethos On Producing Value

Lighthouse International’s Christian partners sponsor the Christian Response Forum & we remunerate by supporting Christians to develop human, material & financial resources in their lives.

We realise many Christians are hamstrung in their duty to help the vulnerable by not having enough resources. We believe this can change through honest hard work with the right people in the right numbers, doing the right thing, achieving the right results with and through Christ, those resources will be made manifest. Not through teaching a prosperity gospel.

The Tragic Limitations of a Fragmented Body of Christ…


340 Million Christians face terrifying persecution all over the world, even at the hands of their own families.


800 Million children & their families suffer drinking foul, toxic water and many millions more suffer from awful living conditions.


In the name of truth and love Christian denominations fight over what to believe.


What's Missing?

Let Christ be the ultimate judge regardless of our doctrinal difference & let us come together and begin a conversation to bring a disunited Body of Christ together. This is what our Research & Reality Testing is about.


Why Has Lighthouse International, a Secular Organisation Started the Christian Response Forum? 

Our 18 Year Journey From Self-Help To Christ

We spent 18 years pioneering research speaking to over 70,000 people to find out what actually stops people from realising their potential. We realised that despite all the books, programs and coaches out there, the self-help industry does not help people break through to realise their God-given potential.

A long and arduous search for absolute truth led us to God as the Source of our potential. This was an incredibly difficult realisation for us as we challenged our own hubris. We are a group of people from all backgrounds; Catholic, Muslim, Sikh, Atheistic. We studied science, philosophy, psychology, business, history, theology, archaeology and many other disciplines ultimately leading us with all humility to the absolute truth of Christianity and Christ as our Lord and Saviour.

Facing Criticism Along The Way

We expected persecution; to not be taken seriously and the potential loss of business. What we did not expect is we would be opposed and persecuted by our own parents, siblings, spouses and (so-called) friends for our pursuit of absolute truth. 

We never thought when we started that our search would lead us to Christianty. We sacrificed much along the way and suffered hardship to ultimately break through. Now the Christian partners at Lighthouse feel it’s our duty to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and be a catalyst for the Body of Christ to come together and unite to support one another and in turn our most vulnerable, stricken and fragile children.

Be Part of Our Research | Develop Your Potential | Alleviate Child Suffering

“Pride is the sin that God hates the most. In a million different ways, hubris is destroying our lives, our families and world.

It requires humility to look at ourselves and go ‘hold on, I need to change.”

– Paul Waugh, Christian Response Forum Co-Founder

Testimonies From Our Christian Brothers & Sisters

I happened to meet my mentor through business and found that we shared a fundamental desire. We both wanted success in our careers and to be better Dads and work towards a more optimal life beyond the conventional norms.

I can’t fully explain how many things have changed since we met and started working together. What I can say with absolute certainty is that I wouldn’t be in the same place now without the trust, the insights and the care that exists between us as mentor and mentee. 


“Ever since I stood up against my father and then my mother, choosing reality and my connection with God over maintaining the narcissistic dynamic with my parents. Once you realise it, it feels like an honour to be gifted with the possibility of getting to understand God. This is exactly why I find myself reading book after book, listening to hours of lectures by theologians, psychologists and learning from people from all walks of life, to develop that foundation within me; that colossal gap that a part of me keeps pulling me back into to show me what needs to be worked on.


Be Involved In Our 3 Month Research While Helping Children Get Clean Water 

We’re launching a global research study with the Body of Christ worldwide starting with a 3 month trial period that costs nothing to be involved in.

Discover how by accepting our invitation to embark on a 3 month discovery period with the Christian Response Forum & Network, you.. 

1. Will immediately enable in clean water for children while learning how we are able to make this possible.

2. Will learn all about the CRF, and its short, medium, and long term plans to help our fragile and stricken children & your potential part in it.  

3. Will benefit by opportunities to grow and develop as a person.

4. Will potentially never have to say no, inside our own door and beyond, where, as Christians, we ought to say yes, individually and or collectively. Like clean water for all children.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”  Matthew 25:40 


How We Do This?

For Every Person Involved In Research For 3 Months, A Child Will Receive Clean Water

The research we’re conducting is crucial for our business and other organisations and would ordinarily cost us a lot of money to do. For every person completing the 3 month period we can save the money we would have spent on marketing and invest in clean water for children instead. 

Christian Word Of Mouth To Our Brothers & Sisters

By spreading the word to other Christians about the Christian Response Forum, we don’t have to invest in a corporate marketing company to conduct this research for us and we can instead invest in clean water for children in desperate need.

Developing Benefactors

Through this research you will also have the opportunity to invest in yourself to develop your potential and build value in your own life to become a Christian Benefactor. 

Discover More About The Christian Response Forum & Network Below…